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Many people seek remedies without a prescription. This may be for various reasons. In some countries, it may just be too expensive to purchase the medication or supplements needed. Not everyone is blessed with inexpensive health care. Also, it may be too expensive to buy from the big pharmaceutical companies. That is why it is so nice when generic brands can be manufactured after a 7 year period. I first discovered online pharmacies when my husband needed Propecia. We were lucky enough to have insurance for illness or emergencies, but hair loss was not covered by insurance. As a result, Propecia was EXPENSIVE. I used the Internet and was surprised to find a less expensive, generic alternative. There are many online companies out there, and it is important to find a reputable pharmacy. One easy way to know if you should rule the company out is if there is not information about the medication for sale. If you do not have warnings of side effects and such up front, you cannot make an informed decision as a consumer. One company that goes above and beyond regarding quality and customer service is Generic Drugs Online: The company gives repeat customers a discount of 10%, and 15% on refills. They also have a huge selection! Make sure you read all the precautions before ordering. Ideally, you should be familiar with your condition before just diagnosing yourself. :)

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