No Prescription Required for Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are often supplements that do not require a prescription. These are sometimes referred to as alternative medicine. What is the difference between a prescription and a natural remedy? Most natural remedies are not approved by the FDA. Does this mean they are not effective? No, it means that they have not gone through the 9 years of testing and approvals to be approved by the FDA. Not to be too controversial, but sometimes, certain natural remedies are not submitted for approval because they would rival the current approved remedies. Natural remedies are often less refined and processed, and less expensive. In some cases, household items can serve as natural remedies. Who has not heard of the anti-bacterial uses of honey and the anti-oxidizing qualities in tea? A leading retailer in natural remedies is Health Buy. They have products treating anything from skin care to diabetes. They have excellent customer service, and stand by their products with a 90 day guarantee. Health Buy

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